Contingency Plan for the Prevention of Covid-19

Certified Accomodation


At CA OLIVARES we ensure your safety and apply the strictest protocols so that you can enjoy your stay with complete peace of mind.

Our accomodation has been distinguished by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and by the SICTED with 2 certifications that certify the implementation of a rigorous Contingency Plan with all the necessary measures to protect our clients. (See Certificate)

Below we summarize some of the measures implemented in CA OLIVARES.
If you want more information, you can consult our Contingency Plan or contact us by calling (+34) 655 88 49 78, sending a WhatsApp or an e-mail to We will be happy to assist you.

  • The information of interest in the area will be sent to the client by WhatsApp before their arrival. It can also be accessed from Here 
  • The customer will be asked for a photo of their identity document or passport to carry out the pre-checking..
  • Payment will be made before your arrival through the reservation or bank transfer platforms.
  • The customer will be received with a mask.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer will be made available to customers at the time of reception.
  • A minimum safety distance from customers will be maintained.
  • The keys will be delivered disinfected in a hydroalcohol solution in the presence of the customer.
  • Via WhatsApp or through the following links, information regarding the facilities and operation of electrical appliances will be provided.

Specific requirements for cleaning:

  • Always wear a mask and gloves
  • The materials used and the protective equipment will be disposed of safely, depositing them in the specific bin set up for this purpose in the cleaning room.

Customer entries and exits:

  • On the occasion of the Covid-19, Ca Olivares has implemented freeing the day of departure of customers and the next day, in order to allow a thorough cleaning of the facilities and sufficient aeration of all facilities.
  • In accordance with this rule and taking into account that the departure of clients is before 10 in the morning and the entry is after four in the afternoon, the house will be unoccupied for a minimum of 52 hours.
  • The impact of the cleaning plan on the exploitation of Ca Olivares, supposes the loss of two overnight stays per reservation.

Departure day:

  • All textiles will be removed and placed in closed plastic bags to later be washed with suitable products and at a temperature above 60º.
  • Trash bags will be removed from the bathrooms and waste from the garbage can. They will be closed and transferred to the waste collection point.
  • All facilities will be opened for aeration.

The day after departure:

  • The air conditioning system will be checked by cleaning filters and grilles.
  • Ordinary cleaning will be carried out according to the control model that Ca Olivares has implemented.
  • Once the ordinary cleaning has been carried out, all surfaces such as knobs, handles, sinks, taps, cranks, doors, keys, remote controls, toilet flush button, air conditioning controls, hair dryers, railings, furniture will be disinfected. terrace, etc.
  • The clean clothes will be replaced once the ordinary cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and equipment with a high level of use / contact has been carried out.
    Authorized and proven disinfectant products are used for cleaning. These are used according to the product safety data sheets and under safe conditions. You can see the authorized virucidal products by clicking here or in annex VI.
  • Cleaning gloves and masks will be disposed of in sealed bags.
  • The aeration of the facilities will continue.

The day of arrival of the clients:

  • Before your arrival, the facilities will be re-aerated and ventilated.
  • The client will be informed of the cleaning plan and protocol followed for cleaning the house through a link to Drive sending this Contingency Plan.
  • In the bedrooms there will be no extra blankets, bedspreads, or pillows.
  • No necessary decorative and informational elements are eliminated.
  • The bins will be installed in the two bathrooms and have a plastic bag and an opening pedal.
  • The kitchen trash can has plastic bags and an opening pedal.

Currently the accommodation has been supplied with the following specific material:

  • 150 surgical masks.
  • 150 pairs of nitrile gloves standard EN-ISO 374.5: 2016.
  • 20 jars of 500 cc. of Hydroalcoholic Gel. Disinfectant solution with 70% alcohol
  • 10 bottles of Sanytol. Sanitary registration 17-20 / 40 / 90-06255 Contact disinfection: surfaces and tissues, by spraying the product at a distance of about 25 cm.
  • Pedal bin and lid for cleaning residues.

In the event that you have to enter the house to carry out any repair work on installations or electrical appliances, the following will be done:

  • The client’s authorization will always be requested, whether or not they are present.
  • The personnel who carry out the work will be provided with gloves and a mask.
  • Once the work is done, all the handled surfaces will be disinfected.
  • If customers are at home, they will be asked to wear masks or maintain safety distances.

In the event that a client indicates to us that they suspect that they are infected, we will proceed as follows:

  • Recommend the use of masks so as not to infect others and avoid maintaining physical contact with other people.
  • Get in touch with the Covid phone numbers of the Generalitat Valenciana:
    • 900 300 555
    • 112.
  • Follow instructions from the competent health services.

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  • Or if you prefer, send us an email to
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    Booking conditions

    • Maximum capacity allowed: up to 6 adults and 1 or 2 children.
    • Pets are not allowed.
    • Stag parties are not allowed.