El Racó del Duc: Is a green trail, between La Safor and Cuta mountains, along the  course of the river Serpis, you can go by bicycle or on foot, and it’s of particular interest to the landscape as well as the fauna and vegetation that it has to show. Before, it used to be an old railway line. The trail passes through five tunnels with no light, which is why a torch is recommended here.

La Marjal de Gandia y la Alquería del Duc: This trail is very interesting to see the marshy land leading, and with historical interest sites to look at such as Alquería del Duc, or with panoramic views such as the l’Ullal de l’Estany and educational sites like El Aula de la Natura de la Marjal de Gandia.

If you are a mountain lover and fond of hiking, look at the following links, where you can find in the Safor region, where Ca Olivares is, adjacent to the Marina Alta and the Valle de Albaida, a large amount of paths and trails of different types.