We say goodbye very grateful

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Dear Friends,

To all of you who have visited our house on some occasion, to spend a few days of vacation: THANK YOU!!!.

Infinite thanks, because, by choosing us for all these years, we have been able to keep this family home alive, which is full of good memories for us. Family memories and wonderful memories of all of you who have visited us. And we hope that they will also be part of yours. This house was our passion.

As you know, Elvira and I have been in charge of our rural house for many years, but at 71 years of age, it is time for us to take a break and a well-deserved retirement.

We made the decision to sell the house, so as not to close it and thus keep it alive as we have told you before.

We are sure that the people who have bought it will know how to take care of it and pamper it as we have pampered and cared for it. Elvira and I preferred that it be used as housing, rather than accommodation, since we, as accommodation, have pampered it like our own home, something that an outsider we are sure would not do. And so it has been, a couple from Barcelona bought it from us to use it as a home.

We have been very happy receiving and caring for each one of you and your families. We will miss you all very much. We have many memories and friends left, and we encourage you to continue visiting this wonderful land of incredible fields, orchards, beaches and mountains.

Thank you all for choosing us as the place to rest on your holidays, we keep you all in a special place because you have been part of our history, of our life and, of course, of our house Ca Olivares.

Thank you,

Elvi and Juanma.